These are some of the ideas I have helped people with recently:

Helped a number of people with their CV's to find work and in their start up businesses.
The Sub Saharan Children's Hope Trust needed to have a shorter name and was having some issues thinking of one. I suggested SuChHope which they are now using.

Plant a Seed was looking for a project to help bring disaffected young people into the community more. I suggested an excursion to show them some of the more historic places of their country (USA) and to demonstrate how people in history suffered and died so they can have a better life. This could be supplemented by the use of materials including films of the historical events so they can see for themselves the sacrifice made for them and for the community. I have also suggested this be undertaken on a team and individual basis using a mini-bus and youth hostels to cut down travel costs. A number of young people can be given the idea and told that they must come up with a certain level of sponsorship if they wish to go on this trip. To do this they can work individually and as a team but only those with the level of funding secured can go one the trip. I have also suggested that the candidates get companies to sponsor them so that they have an attachment to something back home and they have to report back to that sponsor when they return on what they have seen and learned. Good for their CV and a connection to a possible opening in the future. Grants from charitable trusts can be obtained to cover the other costs involved.

I have also provided a prayer suggestion for a group of young people to use in relation to a sporting event they are involved in.

Conducted several Training sessions in NHS organisations on the Complaints Process


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