An Ideas Person

I was the first person in the Public Sector to win the British Telecom / Sunday Times Award for Innovation in Telecommunications. More recently I have helped with the name of a charity and with putting together a scheme and funding to help give disadvantaged children a better understanding of society and their place in that society. I was also the person who lead the team that started the first NHS Direct pilot site to go live.

Complaint Management 

Headed up a highly successful Complaints and Feedback Team in an NHS national organisation reducing complaints and zeroing the number investigated by the Ombudsman. Chaired and organised the Cross Government Complaint Handlers Group and started and chaired the first meeting for NHS Complaint Managers. Still organising the National NHS Complaint Managers Group - a networking and group that meets twice a year. I was seconded to the Department of Health as complaints manager for the National Pandemic Flu Service. Also working with private companies, solicitors and training companies on complaints processes.

Independent Investigator

Introduced a system of investigating and reporting that not only tested the patient complaint but looked in depth at the original investigation as well to see where, if any, mistakes were made. Upheld 60% of original findings but found issues in 80% of cases sometimes with the way the investigation was handled. Also assisted a Police Force in the investigation against one of my staff for a serious driving offence with a reduction in the charge.

Health Records Management

Expert in the rules relating to the supply of medical health records to patients and those with due authority to access them. Introduced a system for a large NHS National body in relation to requests for records and child protection requests.

Consent Advice

Consent is a difficult issue for many NHS staff not least directors and doctors. Part of my last position was the advice and analysis of issues relating to consent to use health records. Considered to be somewhat of an expert on this, I have been up against Police, Barristers and others in my fight to protect the rights of the patient.

Small to Medium Projects

Undertaken the movement of departments and headquarters, the opening of call centres, team gathering and building and other small and medium projects. Started the first pilot NHS Direct site to go live and two other call centres for them since.

Public Speaking

Spoken often to large and small audiences on consent, NHS Direct, Ambulance Service matters and other topics. Chair two charities and often speak about the Tarsier Primate and the Ambulance Service in the Philippines. Work for a training wing of a firm of solicitors speaking on Root Cause Analysis in Investigations.

Independent Chair for Meetings

Have chaired a number of meetings going back over 20 years when I was vice chairman of the National Association of Computer Clubs. Last Chair position was for the Cross Government Complaint Handlers Group and the first meeting of the NHS Complaint Managers.

Event Management

I have organised many events from committee meetings, through conferences to a large festival attracting 100 stall holders and 20,000 spectators over two days. Organises meetings on the National NHS Complaint Managers Group.

Constitution Framing

Have written two constitution for charities, a number for computer clubs and one for a large hospital social club. Took over a the failing Hospital Club when it had large debts and re-wrote its constitution, reconfigured the board and the management of the club and left it with a ten year plan of improvements.

Customer Service

Passionate about good customer service, learning from all types of feedback - complaints, suggestions, compliments, and feedback through all the social media channels as well as more conventional means.